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DADS Internship

June '22 - May '23


Through a generous grant from the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust's Vision and Call Internship Program, we are excited to be able to announce a new 1-year D.A.D.S. Internship program.

  • We will be posting an application for four Full-Time internship positions.

  • We hope to see a diverse team comprised partly of people who have been impacted or served by DADS as a client or as a family member and partly of college grads or graduate students.

  • Applicants should be interested in apprenticing in the DADS model and exploring career paths connected to eliminating the epidemic of fatherlessness.

  • If you have interest in applying for a position or distributing information about the internship through your network please contact us to let us know!

Murdock Foundation Vision & Call

Through an internship with Divine Alternatives for Dads Services (D.A.D.S.), we invite young adults to explore their own journey of transformation as they learn to follow Jesus in his redemptive mission of restoring fathers to the fatherless.

While fatherlessness has many devastating effects and symptoms that cost society over 100 Billion/ year, we would invite interns to join us in apprenticing around a model that has proven successful in addressing the problem of fatherlessness at the root.


Interns will have an opportunity to spend time with and learn from the lived experience and 20+ years of experience of Marvin and Jeanette Charles


Applying their creativity & skills toward developing an aspect of the DADS organization .


  • Opportunity for Self Discovery

  • Learn a model that has proven effective for over 20+ years in restoring the connection between fathers and children. 

  • Learn how to authentically engage fathers from a diversity of cultural backgrounds. 

  • Witness gaps and impacts of 'the system' to separate  children from their fathers. 


  • Intern Cohort of 4 Interns

  • Vision & Call Intern Retreat & Network

  • Participate in DADS staff meetings and events

  • Participate in the life of DADS through support groups and Bible Study

  • Participate in a community of wounded healers- who are seeking Jesus together in our journey toward transformation.

What's in it for D.A.D.S.? 

Over the last 5 years, DADS has doubled in staff, programming budget and locations. We hope to double again over the next five years and in order to do that, we need to improve on our processes of training and onboarding new hires to learn the skills, processes and values of DADS. We hope that DADS will develop the capacity to replicate to new areas, with the flexibility to adapt to new contexts and the wisdom to retain key elements of the heart and methods of engaging the root cause level needs of the people being served. DADS has generated program manuals and training manuals, but will need to refine these products through testing to measure effectiveness. We believe that now is the perfect time for DADS to launch our new internship program in a way that will help prospective interns gain invaluable experience and also advance the DADS organization toward realizing our mission of connecting children with their fathers in Seattle and Beyond.