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DADS Graduation

May 14, 2022

Parenting Class Graduation

Course Goal:

The goal of the Becoming Dads curriculum is to help men in challenging situations to take increasing responsibility and action to heal and make changes necessary to become the dad their children need. So that their children can thrive and be successful for the next generation.

Course Objectives:

The purpose of this curriculum is for participants to build knowledge, adjust attitudes and apply skills related to men becoming the dads that their children need. At the completion of the curriculum, they will:

1.    Face the truth of their past and have hope for a better future.

2.    Understand the impact in their role as a father.

3.    Know what their children need from them.

4.    Be committed to their children for a lifetime.

5.    Understand the character of a man who lives for others.

6.    Know how to have a healthy relationship with their child's mother.

7.    Start on the road to healing and getting past hurdles to effective fathering.

8.    Grounding in their spiritual walk and maintenance.

9.    Improve their employment situation.

10. Understand the child support system.

11. Get on track to providing child support.

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