Meet The Team


To have a positive impact on the epidemic of fatherlessness in America.

To restore families by empowering absent fathers to be responsible family leaders.
To stop the cycle of family violence and brokenness in order to improve the lives of children.


Marvin Charles
Executive Director & Co-Founder

Marvin Charles has emerged as a community and national leader in  creating stronger fathers and healthier families. Because of his own powerful story of separation from and then reunification with his own family, parents and children, and his 15+ years of helping others reclaim the positive role of fathers to their families, he is an experienced and trusted mentor and advisor. He has traveled all over the U.S. to speak about empowering fathers, to learn from other national leaders and to share our successes with other organizations hoping to implement fatherhood programs. Marvin Charles is an ordained minister and his extraordinary effectiveness comes from his ability to see through the pain and threats of those he counsels to the powerful change possible by embracing a living God and larger purpose. Neither class or ethnicity poses an obstacle to him being heard. 

Jeanett Charles
Director of Programs & Co-Founder

Jeanett Charles leads DADS along with her husband Marvin. Out of their experience with drug abuse, homelessness, the loss of their children to the state and many other challenges, the Charles' built a community and a faith-based program to provide assistance to fathers who have lost their connection to their children. The commitment, love, time and attention given to Jeanett from her father gave her the confidence, courage and strength to overcome many of life’s challenges.

Charles Woods
Pierce County Area Director

Charles serves as our Pierce County Area Director rotating between both our Seattle and Lakewood offices. Charles came to the D.A.D.S program after being incarcerated for a few years and seeking assistance to see his son and to become an active father in his children's lives again. Not only did he take all the necessary steps and recommendations to complete the court process to see his son, he became an employee to our program. He went on to obtain his AA degree in Audio engineering from the Los Angeles Film School and enjoys his studio work during his downtime. He is a product of what we believe here at D.A.D.S. and strives to be a good father every day.

Leslie Harris

Intake and Executive Admin.

Leslie serves as our Lakewood Office Intake Specialist and Acting Administrative Assistant. Leslie comes to D.A.D.S. with a Degree in Criminal Justice and actively working toward her Chemical Dependency Counseling Certification with a passion for helping fathers. When she isn’t devoting her time to helping fathers and our community, she stays busy juggling her 5 children.

Gregory Adams

Program Manager 

Gregory Adams is a graduate of the DADS program. His story of reentry into life outside of the Monroe Correctional Complex is inspiring. Now a co-facilitator of the DADS Quenching the Fathers Thirst classes at the Monroe Correctional Facility, Greg encourages men who are planning to reenter the community from prison to, “Make DADS your first stop!” He enjoys creating incredible meals and desserts as an executive chef with Upper Crust Catering and lives in Seattle with his wife Elaine.

Larry Brooks

Program Facilitator

Larry Brooks is the Founder and Pastor of Crossroads Kingdom Ministries. His life is dedicated to living by example and encouraging men and women how to live up to their full potential in Christ. Pastor Larry has more than a decade of teaching, mentoring and counseling, which enables him to reach others with humor, warmth, transparency, and strength. He is a husband, father, grandfather, teacher, public speaker, role model, and mentor.